You want to complete your range with Cakees Cheesecakes?

We offer dealers lucrative possibilities to increase revenue and success. Cakees cakes and protein cheesecakes can be simply added into existing shops.

Internet sales is increasing a lot currently, but many products take too long to reach the consumer.

Therefore internet-shopper as well as the classic consumer buy their food in the well sorted retail shop in their neighborhood. With a good product range both local retailers and internet shops have good chances for increasing success.

If you have a small space in your shop or show room (any shop or supermarket, kiosk, fitness studio, video shop, sports store etc.) you can easily present and sell Cakees. Very interesting are Cakees especially in those hops which are open longer than the ususla business hours. 

Fitness studios and sports arenas are predestined for Cakees and Cakees protein cakes.

Everywhere where people care for their fitness and figure, Cakees are a welcome alternation to protein shakes and power bars. Because cakees can be celebrated together, in a circle with your friends, and at the same time outwit one´s weakers self. After all it´s a piece of cake…

Appropriate points of sale for Cakees and Fitness- / Protein cakes

  • Any kind of retail shop and supermarket
  • Petrol Stations
  • Fitness Studios
  • Video Shops
  • Cinemas
  • Sports bars
  • Kiosks in swimming baths
  • ...

Your advantage as a Cakees dealer

  • Exciting profit margins
  • At least 6 months shelf life in ambient temperature
  • Only small space required
  • Amazing product quality
  • Less effort
  • Presentation displays for 6, 18 and 54 Cakees available