The Recipe Book of the Stieblings Master Bakers

Thuringia is well known for its baking and cooking tradition, for its good food. And that has its reasons. The most important is certainly, that here live people who love food and baking, people like Emil Stiebling.

The master baker founded his small bakery in the Thuringian village of Langenhain in 1922, where he has puzzled out all the good recipes which we use today for Cakees. By the time these recipes have been fine tuned, so that today in the third and forth generation of the Stiebling master bakers we can build on „grown“ recipes.

That´s what one tastes on our Cakees. The cakes are manufactured with the same passed down recipes. Although made on modern state of the art equipment Cakees are still oven fresh cakes frm a traditional bakery. 
The delicious cream cover on the poppyseed cake, the freshly cooked poppyseed filling – these are things which draw the bow between traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing.