The Cakees-Idea: Oven Fresh. And nonetheless anytime ready to eat!

September 2008, Bangkok: Steffen and Cornelia Stiebling enjoy the atmosphere in the lobby of a renowned hotel – and have appetite. Appetite for a delicious piece of cake. But what the waiter is serving them is not at all the taste of the Thuringian master baker. Steffen Stiebling starts brooding. His dream: A cake which is shelf stable in ambient temperature but is natural without preservatives and additives. A cake which doens´t require any special storage, as flexible as the people who enjoy it – when mountaion climbing, hiking, cycling, when camping, in the car or in the train, offshore or on the beach. A delicious cake for easy take away – and to enjoy at home!

Back in Germany Steffen Stiebling transforms the bakery at after-work hours into a research department – tests innumerable possibilities of packaging and baking methods. The condition: The cake has to be made of only natural ingredients, with no industrial premixes and without any artificial flavours or additives. It has to be shelf stable in ambient temperature for very long time. And it has to taste like made by grandma. 

Leap in time, three years later: The first freshly baked Cakees come from the oven. The world wide first, and patented! The cake gets sealed immediately after leaving the oven, when it is sterile, by which it is preserved without any additives and preservatives. The company and its collegues are proud of the invention of their master baker! 

Here at the foot of the Thuringian Mountains – somewhere in the middle of nowhere between the Wartbug Castle above Eisenach and Friedenstein Palace in Gotha people know how good cakes have to taste. The traditional Stiebling Bakery has ist quality checks in a certain way right at the counter of its own shops.

Nowadays one finds Cakees in many varieties in well sorted retail shops and supermarkets. And Stieblings idea to bake a cake which is all natural and keeps well for months has made it not only to the retail shelf but also right to the consumer. His recipe for success: No circumstantial thawing, no preparation or baking off, but ready to eat anywhere and anytime- Cakees!